We emphasize high quality work, and employ the best materials available to assure a healthy and sustainable turf from the ground up! Fresh, healthy, thick turf around your house generates oxygen, reduces noise levels, and helps to cool your house, by absorbing excess sun light!

Lawn OverSeeding

A lush, green lawn begins with proper care practices. Regular mowing, ample watering, and a good fertilizing schedule are all ways to have a successful lawn. One other practice that is equally important is periodic overseeding of the lawn. As grass plants age and mature, a few of them will inevitably die out. Overseeding will allow new grass plants to take hold in these areas and keep your lawn looking thick and lush.

grassGraphicAeration Aeration

With time, the soil beneath your lawn becomes compacted. This compaction limits the flow of air and nutrients to your lawn’s roots. Our Aeration service removes small cores from the soil to reduce compaction and to allow the roots to spread and receive the airflow and nutrients that they require. Aerating will help to build a lawn with a strong root system that is healthy and resistant to drought. Aerating will leave small cores of soil on the surface of the lawn. There is no need to collect the cores, they will break down and return to the soil soon after the service is complete. topdressing.

Sod installation

Jobs are quoted per square foot. Our Sodding rates include all labor involved in preparing the grounds, leveling the soil, and installing the turf. In addition, cost of sodding per square foot includes 1″ inch layer of Grow Max soil, freshly cut sod, and high quality fertilizer.
The main determinant of sodding cost per square foot is the size of the lawn. The larger the area is, the lower cost per square foot of sodding will be. Keeping Sodding cost in mind, we never compromise the quality of materials used, and level of service provided.

There are several factors affecting the cost of Sodding (Turfing) a new lawn:

  • Project size – the larger the area to be sodded is, the lower will be the cost per square foot. We serve properties with minimum size of 300 square foot, at $2/Sq. Ft.
  • Quality of existing soil – depleted, clay soil requires more than just one inch of soil to be worked in. We carefully evaluate each project, and advise on soil requirements – our goal is that you install a new lawn only once, for many years to come.
  • Grading issues – uneven areas, or significant changes to the terrain, may affect the cost of installing a new lawn.

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