Energy costs are rising...

Energy costs are rising and it is costing more to live in your home. There are so many options to improve your homes efficiency to bring down these costs. But which ones are effective and bring you savings.

The Custom Builders Lowest Cost Of Ownership Program combined with The Best Price Guarantee program solves this problem for you. We combine the price of your new home with your estimated utility costs (mortgage + utility bills = cost of ownership) and choose the right energy saving upgrades with a lower cost than your energy saving, giving you the lowest cost of ownership.

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Here is how it works

After we have established a design and made all of the selections we send the plans to a third party Energy Rater. The energy rater then determines the utility cost for your home if it was built for minimum energy code standards. Once that has been established we start to apply energy saving upgrades to the plan (energy star windows, more insulation, high efficient heat pump) and if theses upgrades lower your cost of ownership we apply them to your home.

Combined with Best Price Guarantee Custom Builders will fit your home with energy saving upgrades giving you the Lowest Cost of Ownership. During construction the Energy Rater will inspect your home making sure we live up to our promise and at the end of construction the energy rater will test your home to make sure it meets their standards


The estimated cost of utilities is determined buy what is in the home plans. This does not include the utility costs for electronic devices or any other device added to the home that consumes energy. Custom Builders nor the energy rater can guarantee the utility costs due to lifestyle needs that affect the amount of energy and water consumed in your home.

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