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Looking to attract birds in your yard?

For the people looking to attract birds in their yard one of the most effective methods to do this is with a large bird feeder. They're fairly low priced and will bring in an excess of wild birds and animals for you to watch and have fun.

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You will find many various kinds of large bird feeders accessible so it really comes down to personal taste. For instance, you can select the rustic looking wooden variety. There are several that look like such things as log cabins or houses. Because birds do not really care what the exterior appears like as long as it holds wild bird seed for the purpose of dissemination. The way a wild bird feeder looks is strictly for the interest and aesthetics of the owner. The outside is for decorative reasons and the inside is for the wild birds.

Additionally there are plastic varieties that hold up to weather very well. Also they are suitable as they're generally light in weight. The one thing to worry about with them is that after a period of time the plastic tends to fog over. By cleaning the surface regularly it is not only more appealing to look at, however it helps to extend the life of the material.

A few homeowners like the appearance of copper or copper accented bird feeders. These are definitely quite beautiful and support very well. They also add a decorative touch to the surrounding landscape and can make a beautiful addition to your exterior home design. They will often be more expensive than standard models however the affect that they give is really worth the additional money. Besides, a few of us just love the appearance of copper.

The other well-liked model is the mounted platform bird feeder. These are excellent since they withstand weather circumstances and do not move which is quite preferred by birds. There is certainly one major disadvantage with this design - squirrels. They find this one very easy to infiltrate and take full benefit of the buffet before them.

Homeowners will have a huge fight on their hands making an effort to keep the squirrel population from taking over and eating all the bird seed that was put out to attract birds. The moment one squirrel discovers the food it will immediately inform the others and your large bird feeder will very soon change into a huge squirrel smorgasbord. But, if you are willing to keep buying seed for squirrels, too, you might have as much fun watching them as watching kids on outdoor play gyms.

A large bird feeder will add beauty and a calming appeal to yards as long as they're maintained properly and kept thoroughly clean. Old food can cause harm to birds so cleaning perfectly and refilling before the food has time to spoil are the proper maintenance requirements for any bird feeder.

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