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Sorry for the lack of blogging peeps, we've been away on our first family ski holiday. The trip was ace and happy to report no broken bones and the bruises are now healing.

We went with a well known family ski holiday provider who assured me they could cater for a gluten free diet, this is the first time I'd ever relied on anyone else for K's food outside family and needless to say I won't be doing it again! I'll not go into details but it lead me to think about do's and dont's for any future trips, here they are:

1. Never trust anyone who says they cater for a gluten free diet

It seems that most people think that replacing gluten free bread and pasta in a diet is giving it enough attention. The lack of knowledge is understandable I guess, unless you've had to learn alot about what contains gluten and how to ensure the diet is varied. The usual culprits appear on offer like oats, stock based meals and grated cheese regularly.

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2. Always take your own supplies

I now realize we are very lucky herein terms of choice and availability of products, even though the free from sections only make up 1% of the total stock of the larger supermarkets it's still a million times better than in most places.

Luckily I took bread, pasta, rice cakes, breadsticks, cereals, dried fruits, granola bars and a few other kid friendly GF snacks.

Extra cupboard ingredients I would take next time would be Heinz Baked Beans, cream cheese, stock cubes, more bread (can never have too much!) and biscuits.

3. Check the Coeliac UK website

The Coeliac UK website provides print out travel guides for 34 countries which include useful phrases and local gluten free products and supermarkets to look out for, I so wish I had know this a few weeks back. It's free for members on their site.

4.Taking your own food is way easier

Previously when we have been away self catering I've always taken meals I'd made earlier, frozen and then transported in a small cooler bag in my checked in case. They have always stayed frozen as it's so cold in the luggage hold areas.

5. Keep some snacks for the journey home!

Traveling home with a hungry 21 month old is not enjoyable! I managed to make some mini pizzas with some GF buns they found locally, K was so sick of these by the end of the week. However, they we're the only option on the way home alongside some dried snacks and fruit.

Once we got home K ate two dinners that evening he was so hungry. We obviously had been feeding him but the food was very repetitive to ensure he was eating safe things. The beginning of the week consisted of a lot of upset and trail and error finding what was safe, never again hopefully!

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