Doesn't this flower look pretty?

Doesnt this flower look pretty? I thought so too until I remembered that it is killing my yard. Along with the Dandelion, our backyard is also filled with henbit, crabgrass, clovers, and other unrecognizable weeds.

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Weeds are the ultimate space invader!

According to True Values website Unwanted weeds can be problematic for any homeowner. There are thousands of weeds in existence and about 25-30 species can be found in maintained turf. Not all weeds are unattractive, but many can become an invasive and unwanted presence on your property. Unfortunately weeds are easy to spread transported by humans, animals, insects and even water. If left unchecked, weeds can deprive flowers and plants of needed water, light and soil nutrients. Luckily, there are measures you can take to reduce, eliminate and, most importantly, prevent the annoying weeds that threaten the health of your lawn and garden.

25-30 species found in a MAINTAINED turf?

That got me to thinking about the turf in our own lives. 25-30 species of weeds can probably be found in our own backyard, our backyard meaning our hearts, our spiritual lives. Take Crabgrass for example: this weed looks just like grass to the undiscerning eye. The Dandelion looks just like a flower and yet both weeds are part of a group of parasitical foliage in our yards. We can mistake so many things as the real deal when they may be in fact distractions to keep us occupied and running in circles.

Better Homes and Gardens had 15 tips about preventing weeds. I Here is the best one:

Be a mulching maniac -Mulch acts as a suffocating blanket by preventing light from reaching weed seeds. At the same time, it holds moisture for your plants and provides nutrients for your soil as it decomposes.

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