We won't be irrigating the trees tonight

Last Saturday, when we looked at the trees we'd plantedtheweek prior, we noticed that the ground in the bottom of our ditches was still a little damp. Water is essential when starting trees.

Because it had rained (heavily!) that week, and the ground had dried out so much, we decided that we should head up to the property to irrigate the trees twice a week once on Saturday, and once again around Wednesday.

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Today is Wednesday and we're not going to irrigate tonight.

Ditch irrigation isn't all that hard. We pull out the generator and fuel it up (we burn through around 3 gallons in the genneyof unleaded every time we irrigate), string out 200-feet of hose, make all the connections, and fire up the well-pump. We've got 5 ditches dug so far, but only four of those have trees on them. Since these are new ditches, and we have cuddly little voles (curse them!) all over the place, we have to "babysit" the water as it comes down the ditches. We shovel out any soil that's sloughed in (or been excavated into the ditches by the voles), and make sure the water gets to each and every tree in the row. Then we repeat the process again for each row.

This process can take hours.

Since our property is 70 miles away, we'd probably arrive around 7pm, and leave no later than 9 to get home by ten o'clock. That's barely enough time to get the watering done, but worth it in the end.


Last night a storm front rolled in. We had reports to 80 mph gusts near our property (and 60 mph down here at our primary residence). We woke up to snow about three inches of it. According to a neighbor, the trees are blanketed with at least two inches and it's still falling.

Snow is great. It holds quite a bit of moisture and slowly releases it into the soil. Rain falls and quickly washes away.

Snow also slows down traffic on the roads, so even if we headed up tonight, we'd likely lose an hour of watering time to slowed traffic.

We'll be back up there Saturday, we'll make sure the trees get a deep soak then!

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