Such a fun but busy weekend

Such a fun but busy weekend. Saturday morning we got up and headed to Douglasville for a shopping adventure.

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we met up with aj, ashlan and their sweet little bitty tinslee at starbucks to start the day off just right! i have tried not having coffee everyday & i cannot do it. i just cannot bring myself to rid my body of the caffeine. it is so good. we headed to the mall and i realize i go to the same stores every time i am there- forever21, that weird urban store that sells incense, american eagle, and h&m. h&m was having this crazy sale 1/2 off all the sale items and all sweaters we're buy 1 get 1 free. WHAT? i wish i would have taken pictures of the bag bc i probably could have fit into it. we left with 2 sweaters for cory, 2 sweaters for me, an infinity scarf, a black & white striped dress, & a black shirt all for $80. when i got in line i saw they had free magazines too- with a 20% off coupon (off one item) SCORE! after shopping we headed over to the irish bread pub to eat some grub. of course i had to try the fish-n-chips and they we're delish.

after our fun date we headed to carrollton for a birthday get together for Russ. a-bomb made some chili and we sat out by the fire just talking about life. russ & a-bomb are such dear friends- russ married cory & i. they also did are premarital counseling- so we go way back.

sunday morning cory led worship & then we headed to eat with our buddy dockery who runs the carrollton menu. he recommended BlueAgaveGrill&TequilaBar& said they had really good food- which they did. they also have pina-coladas served in a pineapple.

i also got to spend some more time with ashlan and tinslee. you guys this little one will make you have baby fever BAD!

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