The past two weeks were busy for my family

The past two weeks were busy for my family, so I had to work extra hard on reaching my writing goals for Camp Nanowrimo. I can't say that I've hit the two week word goal today, but I can say that I tried.

Some people in my life would say, "That is all that matters."

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I agree and disagree. I agree that trying to reach a goal is important. I try every time I sit down at my computer and work on a project. Trying is part of what makes a success so sweet. But

I disagree if all a person does is try without producing. This is just another form of day dreaming. I'm not saying don't dream about reaching your goals. I'm saying, don't just talk about reaching those goals. Do the work needed towards success. In my case, write and keep writing.

Like most industries, the publishing world can be rough. This was the first fact I learned about my chosen career while at college. Although I keep receiving rejection letters, I keep trying. One of the saddest moments for me as a writer was sitting in class with a fellow writer who never even started on the story ideas that we're brilliant.

He would talk about his idea, but when it came time to hand in a draft for critique he would hand in something different. I asked him once, why? He told me he had decided not to go with the original story idea because he knew we wouldn't like it. Half the time he handed in unfinished first drafts or nothing at all, making excuses why the story wasn't done. He was afraid.

Fear is powerful when you let it control your dreams, keeping you from reaching your goals. No matter what you decide to tackle in life, fear will stop you every time if you allow it. I know I'm writing this as if I've never feared. I have. I wake up with it every day. I feel it every time I stare at my stacks of journals, notebooks full of world building notes, and sketches of the seven house flags hanging on my wall.

I conquer it every day, by trying. By either putting pen to paper or typing on my computer. I conquer it every time I send out a query letter. Every time a rejection comes back fear laughs at me, but I keep writing. I keep reading. I keep learning.

Don't let the presence of fear convince you that you are trying when you don't produce. Whatever chosen career you are pursuing, go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning knowing you will not let your fear stop you. You got this. If you didn't, you would have quit long before now.

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