Buttermilk Biscuits, Texas Style

Biscuits. Warm, flakey, buttery biscuits. We have all had them with our breakfast, slathered in melting butter and jam or, in the south where biscuits and gravy is at the top of the menu in any restaurant that serves breakfast. If you have never tried biscuits with gravy, your missing out on something that is so good it's almost hard to put it into words.

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Buying biscuits in the grocery store became second nature to me. If I remember correctly, I used to get 1889 by Pillsbury, pop them into the oven and there you go. They we're almost too convenient because I never even tried to make my own, which, back then, might have actually been a blessing in disguise. I remember my mom used to make biscuits for us on occasion, using Bisquick of course, but they we're still good because they we're made with love!

Several years ago my craving for biscuits became almost overwhelming and of course, living in England meant there we're no biscuits anywhere because biscuits over here means cookies. Not even going out for breakfast would mean biscuits (gasp!). So I decided to make my own and of course I started off with the Bisquick recipe but even that didn't sate my craving. Then about 3 years ago I noticed something very rare indeed. Buttermilk. Buttermilk had finally made an appearance in my grocery store sometimes I feel like I am downright living in the dark ages here in England! So I pretty much purchased about 6 containers of buttermilk and ran home. Biscuits we're served that night at dinner, the next morning at breakfast and of course we're nibbled on allllll day long. My husband even delved into the deliciousness of the buttermilk biscuit, grits & gravy and scrambled eggs.

So biscuits in my house are a weekly event and I don't see that changing any time soon!

I'm going to warn you now though if you are on a diet, walk away. walk away now. These are not diet friendly!

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