Our gardeners will visit your property and service all garden beds and plantings in detail. Weeds will be pulled, soil turned, spent flowers removed and shrubs pruned as required. The garden edges will be kept well defined. Our goal is for your gardens to look outstanding from spring to fall. Not only will your gardens look great after each service, but you will see an overall improvement in the health of your gardens with time. Throughout the season our crew leaders will note any problems or items that need attention so that we can make recommendations for improvement.

Tree & Shrub Care

Hedges and Shrubs make up an important part of your landscape. It is important to properly care for these larger plants to ensure that they mature well and add to the overall appearance of your landscape. Proper pruning is critical to keeping your hedges growing properly and to prevent them from developing poor form of becoming over grown. Our gardeners will prune both coniferous and deciduous shrubs and hedges as required, at the correct times, throughout the growing season. Our Hedge and Shrub Trimming service is available as part of our regular garden maintenance program or as a one time service.

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