Once the snow has melted, your lawn is likely to be matted and have some debris left over from the previous fall. Our crews will thoroughly clean not only your lawn but all garden beds and paved surfaces as well. Twigs and debris will be collected and removed from your property. The lawn will be raked to loosen up the grass, allowing air to circulate and encouraging it to start growing for the season. Not only is a thorough spring cleanup important for your lawn and gardens, it will give your property and tidy appearance.


Once the grass has slowed down and leaves have begun to fall, our crews will begin scheduled fall cleanup visits. On each visit, leaves will be removed from the lawn, garden beds and paved areas. We offer fall cleanups on a weekly, bi-weekly or one-time basis. Top quality equipment enables our crews to remove leaves from your property thoroughly and efficiently. Our leaf removal crews are supported by vacuum trucks that will come to your property after the crew has piled the leaves at the roadside. We pride ourselves in delivering the best fall service in the Tri-City Area ensuring that all of our clients’ properties are clean and ready for winter before the first snowfall.

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