3 Ways to enjoy Mindful Moderation this Halloween

Personally, I don't have much of a sweet tooth. I prefer grapes over gummy bears and cereal to skittles any day. I'm weird. I know! I've never been much of a candy eater or cake fanatic. Growing up, I remember my brother and I going trick or treating in these amazing costumes my mom would hand sew. Instead of devouring all the candy that night and days later, we made a candy store and played for hours with the neighbors "pretend" buying and selling the candy items with paper money we had made. We we're creatives and entrepreneurs from the start, I guess

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Like I said, I know, I'm weird. For most people, sugar cravings can be towards the opposite extreme, however. And starting this time of year, candy and sugary-loaded snacks are within grabbing distance of every corner we turn and it's pretty hard not to give in to those cravings.

The conversation goes something like this:

YOU: Today I will get back to eating healthy. I packed my well balanced lunch, and after last night's candy binge, I'm gonna say NO to any extra sweets!

(5 minutes later, you look to your left and see the bag of leftover candy after Halloween).


YOU: Well, it's a snickers mini, I'll have just one.

SKITTLES: I'm so colorful, just like a bowl full of fruit! I (kind of) qualify as a serving of fruit!

YOU: Sold. I love fruit.

25 minutes later and 6 candy samplings down the hatch, you mindlessly ate yourself full of sugar (and now a headache) and never even got to that healthy lunch you packed! Guilt trip sets in and you are feeling terrible, physically and mentally.

I agree, moderation is key. But I encourage mindful moderation. When you are aware of what you're doing, making informed decisions, you are more present and accepting of the actions you take. All things we practice on the mat, but some times a bit harder to bring into our daily lives.

So, what's a sweet-toothed yogi to do?

Here are my 3 ways to incorporate mindful moderation into your "trick-or-treating" day:

1. Get informed.

Check your labels. Do you really know how much sugar you're taking in? Sugar percent daily values are not required to be on nutrition labels, so we, as consumers, have to be aware of some numbers. 4 grams of sugar equals a 1 teaspoon of sugar. So that Snickers bar you just tossed down? 27 grams (Nutritional Info). That's just under 7 teaspoons of sugar!

Educate yourself, become an informed consumer and you'll be more likely to pass on eating that entire bag candy or at least eat less of it.

2. Know your options.

Is it the candy you're really craving? Or, is it that you're tired because you stayed up late last night and are now crashing at 3pm. Instead, re-energize with some quick yoga poses to wake you up, or take a quick walk outside the office. Perhaps you just got into an argument with your husband, the kids are crying and your emotions are screaming out. Sounds like emotional eating (I've been there!). Instead, how about calling a friend or go to the gym for a power yoga class and sweat it out.

If it really is a sugar craving, how about a piece of fruit instead? BORING! (I heard that.) Try it. Grapes, oranges, or bananas are all high in natural sugars. I like the fruit snack idea featured in the photo above from spendwithpennies.com for a cute and healthy Halloween snack idea.

3. Make an informed decision and rock it out, regret-free.

You tried the fruit, but the 3 Musketeers is still calling your name. Then eat it.

And enjoy every bit of it. Don't eat it while you're on the computer, talking on the phone, or folding laundry. Sit, do nothing else, and taste every single bite of it. Mindful eating will bring you into the moment, leaving you more satisfied and in tune with your tastes, leaving you more fulfilled and happier with your decision to treat yourself.


Most importantly, enjoy what you eat! And don't beat yourself up about it. There's nothing worse than eating something then guilt-tripping yourself over it later. Live and learn. But learn! And then live based on what you learn from it.

I'll be posting this later today up on my facebook account. Please comment or share your experience with mindful moderation, and if you found this helpful at all with your cravings.

And have a spooktacular Halloween!

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