Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a great time to thank a war survivor for giving selflessly to a country that needs to have more selflessness.

As a society, we've become preoccupied with Kardashian divorces and political scandals.

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We're quick to forgot, though, how much our war veterans have given us. They've given us our freedom. Our freedom to choose our governing bodies. Our freedom to work where we want, and when we choose.

They've given us our chance to go to college, and play sports for a living.

Veterans Day , or Armistice Day, received it's name during World War I, when German troops signed a treaty to cease fighting. To this day, some countries still call it Armistice Day.

The last remaining survivor of WWI in the U.S., Frank Buckles of Missouri, died earlier this year at 110 years old, reports National Public Radio. According to NPR, Buckles was so poised to fight the war, that he lied about his age.

So, if you can, take part in a Veterans Day ceremony today. Honor your elders and peers who fought in a war, or served in any branch of the Army, in any of the World Wars, Vietnam or Korea.

Most importantly, thank someone who's served in Iraq or Afghanistan, as many struggle to readjust to life. Thank them for serving the country in an equally tough, but different time in America.

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