Urban Homesteading

As we venture into our newest journey of Urban Homesteading I'm so excited to share it with you. We have no idea what we are doing and are simply learning along with way so this is my mini-disclaimer. We are not experts in this area. We are just a houseful of beautiful chaos starting with yet another adventure! Keep reading to see our first steps of become urban homesteaders and our experiences so far!

A- Always hand your cloths on the line

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This is essentially just making the decision to form a new habit. Just by taking the time and effort to hang the cloths on the line I will save $30-$50 a month on utilities. As a SAHM isn't the saying, "A penny saved is a penny earned?" Woot Woot, I just made $30-$50 a month. If you break that down per load it's slightly depressing : ) but as a whole not bad!

B-Buy Local

We are still slowly transitioning our food to all local sources, as least for everything we can. We planted our own very small garden this year so that will help right there. We also purchase eggs from a neighbor about three blocks from our house who treats his hen well. Yummy! We currently buy raw, unfiltered honey as well from a Topeka bee keeper. Along with that, we buy raw milk from a dairy farmer about 20 minutes from our home. I have just e-mailed a Dexter cattle farmer here to has 100% grass-fed beef which I am very excited about. They are actually sold out until July but once we get plugged in there we will have our main meat source. I have also messaged a CSA, which is basically a farmer who grows produce organically and everybody pitches in for shares of the produce. The farmer does the work though which is great for us just starting up as this year we feel a large garden is too much for us to handle (see point C to find out why).


Yep, you read that right. We bought 10 of our own black sex link egg-laying chicks. Nope, we don't have a coop yet but Alex is sure he can build it. We have about four weeks until they can live out there so I hope he completes it in time! They are super cute and the girls are having a lot of fun and are learning a ton. Our town allows chickens as long as we have no roosters which is a blessing.

There you have it. Our ABC's to homesteading, it's as easy at 123.right? I hope you will continue to follow us as we continue of this adventure, we would love to have you along for the ride!

What easy tips and tricks have you done to bring some homesteading to your city home?

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